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Rent a Car Ikaria

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Ikaria is an island of the eastern Aegean, west of Samos and Fourni. Its capital and port is the settlement and port of Agios Kirykos to the east of the island, while the second is Evdilos port to the north. You can reach the island by ferry via its two ports or by air from Ikaros State Airport "Ikaros".

Ensure a rental car from Imperial Car Rental for easy travel during your stay on the island.

Ikaria lived before 7000 BC. while in the 8th century BC Greeks from Miletus settled in the area of ​​Kampos, who then called Inoi.

A ride on Imperial Car Rental on the island and communicating with the hospitable, hospitable residents will reveal to you the secrets that make it special.

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A common feature of the Icarians has always been the relaxed, simple way of life, with collectivity and solidarity, which they maintain to our day and which contributes to good health and longevity.

The Icarians are people who know how to have fun, and the Icarian festivals are celebrations of purification and rejuvenation of the soul.

It is no coincidence that the inhabitants of Ikaria are in the fifth place of the longest-lived people in the world.

Car rental with Imperial Car Rental will allow you to visit unique places such as Nai, ancient city of Naiads, a sacred place and an important harbor of antiquity, with the ruins of the temple of Artemis Tavropoulos of the 6th century BC. and the waterfront of the ancient harbor, in a peaceful, cool landscape.

In the current area of ​​Kampos is Oinoi or Dionisiades, the ancient capital of the island, while in the region of Fanari, on the easternmost point of Ikaria, the ruins of the ancient city Dracano, home of the god Dionysus, with the ruins of the ancient castle and on a hill , the Tower of Drakanos near the village of Faros, a circular building of the 4th century BC. century, a great work of art and one of the best preserved towers in the Aegean.

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To the north of the island, near the village Kosoikia, is preserved the Koskina Castle, a Byzantine fortress of the 10th century.

Remarkable archaeological findings can be found in the museums of the capital, Agios Kirykos and Kampos.

With the ease of transportation provided by Imperial Car Rental vehicles, explore the picturesque villages of Ikaria, with the distinctive architecture of the invisible sea of ​​"anti-imperial" houses.

Christos Rachon, a village that lives in the evening, beautiful Akamatra, Manganitis, Karkinagri, Armenistis, Gialiskari, Evdilos, Pesi are some of the many beautiful, mountainous or seaside villages of Ikaria that you should definitely visit .

There are many beaches on the island: the famous exotic Seychelles beach in Manganitis, with crystal clear waters and white rocks, sandy Mesakis, Livadi, Gulf of Na, Pharos, Drakano, Nifi, Kerame with the plane trees, Nevalia with the huge volume of Demonopetra, an ancient place of worship, with the cave where the god Dionysus was raised.

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With the ease of travel offered by the Imperial Car Rental, visit the famous thermal spas of Ikaria. The hot radioactive sources that cure a multitude of diseases are found mainly on the northeastern and southeastern coasts of the island, with Therma being the most important spa town.

Ikaria is a natural habitat with great natural scenery, while the Rantus forest is one of the rarest Mediterranean prehistoric forests. Unique beauty is the gorge of the River Halaris.

Exploring Ikaria with the comfort of the Imperial Car Rental car rental service will be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life! Surely not just one visit is enough to fill this island and you will surely come back here as soon as possible!

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